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Iconoclastic Design

A rebellious mindset for creating brands, products, and crafting stories

Creativity + Data = Mind Blown

 We bring your brands to life through powerful stories and branding. We even turn complex data-driven issues into simple and relatable tales. We are renowned for creating unique characters that become part of your brand story. We are passionate about design thinking and it’s the ability to solve problems. We have an adventurous spirit and we believe you should always be moving forward, but never forget to take a moment to stop and enjoy the view.

What is Human Centered Design

The phrase “Human Centered Design” may seem to be a buzzword, yet its popularity is well-founded. Design thinkers are people who challenge assumptions and aim to generate innovative solutions by allowing their feelings and imaginations to roam freely in addition to relying on the skills of trained professionals. They apply design thinking in a wide variety of contexts – from the industrial field to the education sector – and solve problems creatively, collaboratively and effectively.